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Progress report 1, Autumn 2023. The Frank Diggs public School

Oppdatert: 18. feb.

GHTAC,s main focus is the future of the children
GHTAC care for the Children

Half-year reports from all our schools will be presented in our next newsletters.

The first story will be about Frank Diggs Public School

A remarkable story of a community that has made a major turnaround and is now probably the most progressive of them all.

Frank Diggs is so far the latest school in our program in 2018. It was the poorest in our program and had an unfortunate start when the roof blew of in a storm and we had to concentrate on collect enough money to rebuild together with the community.

Video som ble laget for innsamling til nytt tak til Frank Diggs i 2018. Det ble en suksess

The school year 2022/2023 started with 375 students that enrolled and closed with 360. GHTAC have 90 sponsored students in this school. 80 of these students made a successful pass in the school, 5 students fail and 5 migrated to a new community. From scholarship students, 9 students (4 females and 5 males) made a successful passed in the West African Examination Council, (WAECE).

Sett sammen flere av dine farger.
The bracelets come in many colores and looks wonderful combined

The student registration fees paid by GHTAC is having positive impact on the learning environment for the students, because some of the money are used to compensate the volunteer teachers in the school, pay the cook whose prepared food for the kids while in school. The village have even deposited some of the money to the local clinic for first aid services for the students just in case any of them experience fever while in school.

The school now have 16 teachers, 9 on government payroll and 7 volunteers who the school through GHTAC School fees that is compensating on a monthly basis. The school has been elevated to 9th grade. The school has been successfully approaching companies working in the area, and with a gift from them; they build three apartments for teachers along with a playground for the kids.

The three new flats for teachers i now finished. They are vital in the recruitment of teachers in remote areas

This is something they wouldn't have done without the pride and community spirit that the school have given this small society.

The library is in high demand, the students and teachers are making good use of the facility for research, study and homework purposes.

The academic year for 2023/2024 started in September of this year. The school currently has an enrollment of over 387 students. The registration process is a bite slow due to fear from the parents that the president elections in October/November may be associated with violence and don’t want their children to be caught up in such of a thing.

Students waiting to be enrolled and measured for new school uniforms

LUMDS have recruited and evaluated 90 students for 2023/2024 GHTAC scholarship support program. We have done their uniform measurement, procurement of the book-bags, footwear and copybooks are in progress. Part payment of their registration fees will also be paid soon. The Mary meal partners have continued their partnership with the school by providing meal for the kids while in school. They have also received consignment of books from the Ministry of Education for the library. The parents are paying minimum amount to help with the maintenance of the school facility among and other minor needs the school may have.

GHTAC visited the Frank Diggs in February 2023 and was amazed and touched by the now vibrant spirit in the village and the school. They have archived a lot in the few years since we started our program here.

The village have now a new goal that is to expand the school from 9th to 12th grade so that the children can stay in the village with their families and do not need to go tho the larger cities witch are not safe, especially for the girls.

GHTAC have a clear and understood policy of partnership where both parties the village and GHTAC with LUMDS work together for improvement and have a joint saying in how to develop the school further.

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