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Progress report 2, Autumn 2023 The Dementa Public School in Liberia.

Oppdatert: 18. feb.

The Dementa Public School has enthusiastic parents that encourage the children to study.

The Dementa Public School school enrolled 285 students for academic 2022/2023. The school has been elevated from elementary to junior high (seventh grade). The school maintained 273 students for the school year. Some of the students migrated and some dropped due to the lack of money for parents to support their schooling, and others failed.

Happy newly enrolled kids at the the Dementa public school

GHTAC supported 75 students from this school. Their performances were good for the school year. Some of them graduated and moved to other bigger schools to continue their education. The library is being used by both the students and teachers for research purposes/assignments.

Presently the school have registered 210 students and the registration process is still ongoing. The elections affected the registration process due to fear from parents to send their children to the school; due to election violence that might take place.

It is a sense of ceremony when waiting for your turn to be mesured for your school uniform
Waiting for their turn to be mesured for their new school uniforms

The school is also receiving school feeding from the Mary Meals’ partners. The school have 9 teachers; four on government pay and five volunteers. Registration fees payed by GHTAC is also used to compensate the volunteer teachers, provide soup kind for the students’ food. GHTAC is sponsoring 75 students from Dementa Public School this academic 2023/2024. LUMDS have completed the recruitment and measurement processes. Our procurement team has started working on the procurement of bookbags, footwear and copybooks.

From measuring the children for their school uniforms

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), a local unit responsible to manage the school together with the government, have established a vegetable garden for the school. Produce from the farm is used as food for the students and some are sold to raise income for the school.

The present academic situation of Liberia is difficult. Every part of the country and all schools in Liberia is affected.

If you want to become a supporter go to the link under " BECOME A SPONSOR" and you can help these kids to a better future.

Become a sponsor for Liberian children and give them the possibility to go to school

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